Saturday, April 03, 2010

And some more cherry blossoms.....

Exhausting day today.....woke up at 6.30 to get the apartment all cleaned out and ready for the carpet cleaners. At about 8 or so, Andy, Raghavan, Penny and I headed to Starbucks for breakfast and then to the dog park. After some time there we went to Safeway, did some grocery shopping and then got home by 10 am or so but the carpets were still so wet, we headed out to the rooftop for another hour. At 11.30 we left to meet Gautam at the Newseum, the wedding venue, to taste some more vegetarian options and finalise the menu. We tasted Mushroom risotto, Mediterranean Panzanella salad, Vegetable tempura with dipping sauce and potato croquettes! We picked 2 out of the 4 and added them to what had been picked previously. Then after a walk through the space and picking out table linen choices we headed back home and took a quick break before heading out again to Enid Haupt Gardens for a photo shoot with the wedding photographer at 4pm. This is easily one of the most beautiful gardens I have seen, in some ways better than the Tidal Basin! Parking is atrocious in DC and especially now in the tourist as usual we had to walk almost a mile from the car to the park. But it ended up being a gorgeous afternoon as you can see in these pics.

             This is the storefront of a Mexican restaurant on the way, I just had to get a picture

Friday, April 02, 2010

DC cherry blossoms

 April 1st, 2010

Today was an absolutely picture perfect day in DC. It was sunny with temps in the mid 70's. The peak bloom date for the cherry blossoms had been moved up to today, so I was so excited to finally see them. Even though the city is studded with cherry blossom trees lining avenues and roads, the PLACE to really see the was the Tidal Basin. We took the metro green line at the U St station to Les Enfant and then the orange line to the Smithsonian station. It was a good mile and a half to the Tidal Basin but oh, so worth it. We had initially thought we would take a 90 min river cruise along the Potomac which would have given us a great view of the cherry blossoms as well as the monuments, but I think half the fun is to walk along and amidst the trees and see them and touch the petals and smell them. After that we stepped into the Jefferson Memorial for a few minutes.

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