Sunday, December 04, 2011

Seattle to Atlanta

25th October to 4th November

The travel gods are still mad at us.......

So after a brief introductory visit to Seattle, we head off to Atlanta and our flight was delayed - again - by 3 hrs. But by now we've learned to take these things in our stride, so we just relaxed, people watched, played "what do you think this man/woman does for a living" airport game, and boarded 3 hrs later.
{A brief side note here - Some of you may not know but Atlanta was the very first city we moved to in the US in 1984. My husband came to do his PhD at the Univ. of Georgia, and I tagged along - a young sort-of-blushing bride with a 2 yr old!!! My memories of Atlanta are pretty dim cos after 9 months there we moved to all I remember was being terribly homesick, astounded that I had to do all the house cleaning myself, and our outings were basically limited to the apartment - campus - KMart triangle!!!!}

So I really didn't know what to expect, but I was certainly not expecting a city full of gorgeous Southern brick and stone homes a la Tara from Gone with the Wind, wide open roads lined with fall colored trees,  people bursting with happiness and cheer, 70 degree weather in November and some good old fashioned jazz and blues wafting out from taverns and restaurants serving up good old fashioned Southern fare! I loved it!

Over the next few days with my brother-in-law and his wife, we toured the Coke museum, got high on at least a 100 different caffeinated drinks, toured the CNN studio where I was really hoping for an Anderson Cooper sighting, took the funicular up Stone Mountain, ate good food and spent some great family time together. My favorite was an evening of jazz at this tavern listenening to jazz master Reggie Hines mesmerize us with the saxophone! We four were the only non African Americans but we were so warmly welcomed and everyone was just having so much unfettered foot tapping fun, we felt right at home!

On my last day I took some pics of my SIL's townhome.

Some gorgeous art work done by my SIL's sister-in-law - Archana of Rang Decor

On the wall behind the sofa is artwork done by by SIL's! :-)

So that was our 10 day stay in Atlanta. I have decided its my next fav city after Seattle and DC! I have also decided Anderson Cooper is not as cool as I thought cos I discovered he is now hosting a daytime Jerry Springer like talk show which I happened to catch a bit of!!! I am so disappointed!